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  • Decorated Fondant Cake

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    $ 29.50

    A deliciously rich and dense flourless chocolate fondant cake. Beautifully finished with Italian meringue, fresh strawberries and chocolate decoration. This guy is ready to party.

    Contains dairy, eggs and tree nuts.

    Gluten Free

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  • Double Chocolate lamington

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    $ 26.00

    The Lamington is Australia’s favourite cake, made from squares of sponge cake coated inĀ  chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut. The Zumbo chocolate lamingtonĀ  super charges the chocolate with a layer of chocolate ganache.
    Choco chocolate!

    Contains: dairy, eggs, soy & gluten





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  • Gold Digger

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    $ 28.00

    Bringing back the M.O.I.S.T. tea cake. A favourite of young and old.

    A moist tea cake scented with lemon zest and a hint of rum. Moistened with a light lemon syrup. Glazed in a lemon biscuit coating with a light spritz of gold.

    Contains dairy, eggs, gluten, tree nuts and soy.

    Gluten Free


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